What started in the transparency of one woman in need birthed a passion and mission in another that couldn’t be ignored. This journey began years ago when the drug epidemic that I had only heard about became a reality when I looked into the faces of women that I began to know and love. God does that to us when we ask Him to break our hearts for what breaks His. He makes it personal.

For years, my prayer in church was for Him to make me feel whole for I have been that broken woman more times than I care to admit. It was a few years ago when my prayer finally turned from “make me whole”, to “use me”. Two simple words I prayed week after week. It was those two simple words that would put me on the most challenging, yet most beautiful journey of my life.

It was those two simple words and this quote that encouraged me to walk in to unknown places with Him.

“…take God’s goodness straight into the darkness.”
-John S. Dickerson (The Great Evangelical Recession)

He laid a vision on my heart to help men and women coming out of desperate situations. A vision that involved the faith community in a tangible way. A vision that would take incredible effort and would not be easy but would be worth it for the one that might get a real chance at recovery. So much in this world sets these men and women up to fail. I wanted to set them up to fly!

It was in that beautiful vision that I promised God I would do the “next one thing” to make it happen. The “next one thing” is what I’ve done ever since with no other intention than to be obedient to Him. To have been on this journey of obedience has been difficult at times but worth every.single.step.

This journey has grown my faith in ways I could have never imagined possible. And now I invite you all to join me. Join me on the journey of The Nest Recovery Homes where broken people can come to heal and hope can be restored. Come along with me to The Nest, where simply put, hope flies.

Allison Rambo
Executive Director